In 1888 Charles Edward Stewart took up 400 acres of crown land in Nuhaka and went to the property to build a home in readiness for his family's arrival.  His wife Jessie and baby son, Fairley, went to their new home by ship to Waikokopu Bay from where they carried their essential belongings six miles to the mouth of the Nuhaka River.  Their belongings were then piled onto a flat bottomed boat and they were poled four miles up the river to the property they called Whiorau.  The name "Whiorau" means Many Blue Mountain Ducks.

The first setting of foot by the Alexander Family onto Whiorau was in 1983 when Rodney Alexander (Hiltons Father) decided to move the family from 364ha to the larger block of 620ha, this was also closer to Rodneys fathers (Newton) fattening block, which was called Seaview and is 62ha, this originally being a dairy farm.  This block is situated in the village of Nuhaka 4kms down the road.  Newton also had leased land around his block from local landowners since the 1920s, most of which we continue to lease today.

Hilton and his future wife (Jo) came back to the family farm in 2005, where he worked along side his father and brother.  They lived in Nuhaka in Newtons old house.  Rodney had also purchased another block called Waiiti.

In 2008 the farm was split and Hilton and Jo purchased Whiorau and Seaview.  In November 2008 they got married and yes in true fashion the ceremony was held by the old chimney in the paddock on the Seaview block.

In 2010 they moved into the main homestead.  In 2011 their son was born and in 2013 a daughter......

So the future is history to be made .........

Whiorau Red
Whiorau Red

Bred on the farm

Cattle mustering
Cattle mustering

Moving the angus cows

The Shearers Quarters
The Shearers Quarters

Whiorau is 620ha of hill country ready to be explored, there is a lake and a waterfall to be found.  If you walk just up the track and turn around you can see out to sea and on a clear day across to Napier.    We farm Romney sheep and Angus cattle alongside Friesian bulls.  Take the opportunity to bring your horse or bike and explore the countryside or just put on your walking shoes.


" Absolutely super start to the year.  Comfortable beds, everything we needed to relax.  Great area, places to go, animals, super hosts definitely a "must return", thank you.

"Thankyou for a fabulous stay, you have been so thoughtful and kind everything was spot on"

" We hd a great time, thanks for the awesome hospitality.  Great to have a place where dogs are welcome, kids enjoyed the caves too!"